Ed Blau Mr. Blau grew up in the Bronx and, as a young man, graduated from Harvard Law School and served as an Air Force officer. His career in the entertainment industry began with the MCA talent agency in New York where he worked closely with the legendary Lew Wasserman. He then moved to L.A. and worked with some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. Mr. Blau first met Johnny in 1962 when he was brought on board to represent and counsel him.

The names of individuals and companies Mr. Blau has represented during his career are too long to list in the space we have available. He belongs to several elite entertainment industry organizations including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy for Television Arts and Sciences, and he represents The Caucus For Television Producers, Writers and Directors.

Sadly, Ed passed away in early 2017. At 94 year old he had worked with Johnny for over 50 years. He will be truly missed.


Richard Holsten Richard Holsten was John’s lighting director. He was another one who had been with Johnny for decades, and seemed primed for decades more. "After more than 30 years I still enjoy, very much, listening to John sing. I consider it a great blessing to have the privilege of working with one of the best in the business. I treasure the friendships I have from meeting many of John’s fans. I still enjoy the travel, except the airport hassles these days." Richard started working at Rojon Productions in 1972, and had just celebrated his 40th Anniversary with us in December 2012. Sadly, Richard passed away in early 2013, and he will be truly missed.


Scott Lavender John’s gifted pianist-conductor is John Scott Lavender. Before Johnny, he’s worked with Glenn Yarbrough and Toni; he’s conducted orchestras throughout the Canada, Great Britain, and the US, including the National Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Baltimore Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Atlanta Symphony and more.

He’s an accomplished composer, musical director, and arranger-orchestrator and is active in the synthesized, computer-music field. In these capacities, he’s worked with the Hollywood and Israel Pops Orchestras, the Local Cable Ace Awards, the Museum of Jewish History, Gap commercials and Craig Taubman of “Craig and Co.” to mention a few.


Joe Lizama Joseph Lizama is Johnny’s accomplished percussionist.

When he was in the eighth grade, he purchased the largest drum set pictured in the Ludwig Drum Catalog, paid for it with his own savings. That same drum set would later be used for his first few years touring with Johnny Mathis.

When in his last year of college, he had the opportunity to play percussion (not drums) for Johnny Mathis on a five-day California tour. Following several other tours and travel, he moved to Las Vegas to embark on his professional career.

Later, while on the road touring, Joe received an important telephone call offering him the job playing drums for Johnny Mathis. Twenty years later, the job working for Johnny Mathis is one that he still enjoys.


Gary Mule Deer Gary Mule Deer’s unique comedy and music have set him apart as one-of-a-kind. He has performed on every major concert stage in the country and made over 350 television appearances, including many on both The Tonight Show and The Late Show With David Letterman.

Gary entertains regularly in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City. He has shared the stage with everyone from Ray Charles, Roy Orbison and Frank Sinatra to Willie Nelson, Brooks & Dunn and Vince Gill.

His “Gary Mule Deer Live” comedy and music CD is one of the most played on the Clean Comedy Channels of Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Will Ferrell was asked by Dan Patrick at ESPN Magazine…“It’s the seventh game, ninth inning of the World Series of Comedy. You have to pick a comedian to be out on the mound.” Will’s answer was Gary Mule Deer.

For more on Gary, please visit: www.garymuledeer.com


Maria Niemela Like many of Johnny's millions of fans, Maria began to collect all his albums and to attend his concerts/shows in Los Angeles & Las Vegas in 1957. She never dreamed that she would ever meet Johnny, let alone become a part of his organization.

Maria met Ray Haughn, Johnny's manager, in 1971, who felt she could help Rojon

Productions with various fan-related projects: writing the Johnny Mathis International Fan Club Newsletter and reading/answering Johnny's fan mail. Maria is keeper of all photos, video and memorabilia on Johnny Mathis. "She knows more about me than I do," says Johnny.

Maria was asked to produce the Johnny Mathis Souvenir Books, that are still being sold at concerts presently.


DIANNA POLING Dianna and two friends settled in Burbank in 1987. Just by luck, her first week in California she found a job working temporarily, then part-time and soon, full-time for our favorite singer.

After working for Johnny and Rojon Productions for over 23 years, Dianna decided to move back to her native Ohio in 2011. She will be very much missed by Johnny and everyone at Rojon. She was a delight to work with, to be around, and she was an invaluable employee.

We wish Dianna much luck and success and thank her for her many years of hard work and dedication.


GIL REIGERS Anyone who’s seen a Johnny Mathis concert has seen Gil. Gil is the multi-faceted guy who plays guitar, sings and is Johnny’s Production Manager.

Here I am.” Gil had been playing guitar for Johnny for a couple of years when, “One night we were out on a trip with a new conductor and someone in the audience yelled out, ‘Twelfth of Never’. It was an easy song. I knew it in Johnny’s key. So, I just started playing it and have been ever since.”

A few years later, Gil began taking on production/stage managing and is now Johnny’s Production Manager. He says that he, “really enjoys working with agents, contracts and buyers. It’s very satisfying to see something start as a phone call or memo and turn into one of Johnny’s performances with all of the people that are involved and will attend.”


LEE RICKMERS The person responsible the lush sounds the audience hears of Johnny, his musicians and orchestra Lee Rickmers.

“I started with Mathis in 1988 as a monitor mixer. That is just for the people on stage to hear themselves. I did that till the position was absorbed by the House Mix position. I liked the people I was working with so I drove the equipment truck”

After the House Mix person left, Lee was offered the position and hasbeen with Johnny since. “I’m still learning every show, and I’m glad Mr. Mathis has the patience to let me get better. He is the best at what he does, and I couldn’t have a better job. I know it’s good when I get to play with big stereo equipment and get paid for it! Not too bad.”
Lee retired from touring with Johnny and Rojon Productions in 2015 to spend more time at home in Las Vegas.

Ricky Robinson

RICKY ROBINSON After over two years with Johnny, Ricky is the “newest” staff person. He is also one of the most enthusiastic. Ask Ricky what he enjoys most about his job, and his reply is, “I work for Johnny Mathis. That’s the best part. He’s an icon.”

His position with Johnny as stylist/personal assistant isn’t the first to provide him with the opportunity for travel. Japan, Guam, Hawaii and Germany are just a few of the places he traveled while doing hair and make-up for Faces International

George Russel

GEORGE RUSSELL George Russell was Johnny’s long time friend and promotions manager. “Chances Are” if you’re listening to Johnny on the radio, George had a hand in it.

Around 1960, “I was at Columbia for about a year when I decided I was too young to die. I then became an independent record promoter. About two months later, I got a call from Helen Noga and I’ve been with Johnny ever since.”

George would tell you about having cocktails with Billie Holiday, or “going up the fire escape and through the kitchen” to get air play for a song, or composing “Birthstone Suite” which he recorded in 1988 with the Royal Philharmonic, and more. He’ was with Johnny professionally longer than anyone, having joined him in 1961. George passed away in 2008 and will be greatly missed.


ROBERT SCOTT Fresh out of school from Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, Robert was studying German at El Camino College. Soon afterwards, he moved to Hollywood and transferred to L.A. City College.

While attending classes (L.A. City College) Robert went looking for a part-time job. He met Johnny’s manager, Ray Haughn, who was looking for someone to help in the mailroom. Robert proved to be so indispensable that he has lasted more than twenty-seven years with John.

Robert is now the office manager and artist liaison for Johnny. His job responsibilities are as varied as the people he’s enjoyed meeting over the years.


RICK SHAW “Working for John has been one of the best jobs I've had. Now, I'm not saying that because this is going on his web site! You don't have to look too far in the music business to see that John and everyone at Rojon are some of THE best people to work with. The gig is definitely about John and his singing, but, unlike so many other stars there's so much appreciation of all the people involved that you never feel like you're being slighted; you feel an important part of the show.”

Along with playing bass for Johnny Mathis, Rick freelances as a bass player in Los Angeles. He play for TV shows like JAG, Enterprise, and The Simpsons.


Mark Troyer Mark serves a very important function, that of controller for Johnny’s companies. You will rarely see Mark on the road at concerts because he is always busy at the company offices in Burbank taking care of the finances.

Mark has the distinction of being on staff for the longest number of years. He first met Johnny in 1964 and began working as a part-time accountant in 1967.

When Johnny bought his first computer to help run his businesses back in 1979, Mark wrote the software for the general ledger, accounts payable, payroll and fan club mailing list. In 1986 Mark gave up his computer business to become a full-time employee of Johnny and his companies.

Brad Upton

Stacey Westbrook Back in high school, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was the only place for Brad Upton to watch comedians. It was also where Brad became a huge fan of Johnny Mathis.

He is a past winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has headlined comedy clubs from Anchorage to Miami, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

Brad has also been seen in concert with Joan Rivers, The Smothers Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Glen Campbell but will quickly acknowledge that working with Johnny Mathis is the absolute highlight of his 29-year comedy career. "First of all, I've always been a big fan, he's a legend and at the end of the night we come out together and take a bow. That moment is always surreal to me. It's also a blast to hang out with the entire crew. Everyone is an absolute pro and it's like being with family." More info on Brad is available at www.bradupton.com


Stacey Westbrook Stacey has worked in the lighting industry for 25+years. Since starting with the Mathis Band in January 2013, she says that working for Johnny Mathis is the equivalent of winning the Lotto. "It's a rare thing to truly like your job as well as all the people you work with. It is simply marvelous to be surrounded by this much talent. Mr. Mathis makes my job seem easy. I hope that Richard would be proud." When not on the road, she calls Chicago home. She's the Art Director at DK Design/Production, enjoys experimental cooking and hanging with her man Mike.